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Thank you to everyone who made this award possible, if this was formula 1 or moto gp we might steer the car (or bike) in the race and stay in front (hopefully) but you our customers are like sponsors and put the fuel in, keep the engine tuned and make sure all is well for the next race. And of course blessed be the cheesemakers without whom we would have no cheese to mature and make special for the 'pit crew, yes thats you! more details in News section. Click on the link below for more!


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ps I have to say most of our time is spent tending and maturing our cheeses, but we would very much appreciate the online support as for the cheeses? they are very quiet but do have awfully nice personallities and certainly would answer if they could, then again I guess they do, in pure flavour .


The years have flown by and all of a sudden we’ve been involved with cheese and cheese makers for over 25 years. Our relationships have matured and because of a mutual understanding and respect we are able to have our own cheeses made by people who we now count as friends. Currently they comprise:

Trehill, Devon Sage,

Sweet Charlotte

made by the lovely Rachel at Curworthy

Celeste,Bakesey Meadow, Withybrook, Chemmy

made by the divine Debbie

Little Stinky

made by super Sue

Blue Bay or Boy as I call it!

made especially for us by the brilliant Ben. The softest, blue- est savoury-est  of cheeses

Sloe Tavy

made by supertalented cheesy Pete


The latest ones are   


Our beautifully aged firm sheep's milk cheese.


The equivalent of the best

artisan alpine cheese with benefits as we say.

They are wicked, in a very, very good way.'

Elise with the one and only Mr Rainbow pondering over the beginnings of our new cheese








Strong Cheddar, live on the wildly exciting side. Look at 'News And More'

"Country Cheeses is a jewel" - Henrietta Green, author and food writer for BBC Good Food

More nice comments



                       maturing and selling artisan cheese

          The Home of 'Real' Cheese

                 We say 'our cheese really Rocks' !

                        we hope you'll agree.


               Shops in Tavistock and Topsham and Totnes.

Come on cheeselovers more people would like CHEESE as a present. Forget amazon and other places get some proper carefully matured cheese from us. For birthdays, anniversaries and just good old "here's a pressie" gift time, yes, say it with fab cheese. Ours is defiitely extremely fab too - we put a huge amount of effort into the looking after the nurturing and the maturing of it - anything up to 5yrs!

We get rave comments by our dear customers about how delighted their nearest and dearest, friends and relations  were with their cheese presents. I got to thinking why don't we make more of  this perfect present. From about £30 including carriage you can give a truly worthwhile present, after all there are only so many chocs, socks, ties and books, etc etc anyone can really be excited about BUT the answer to this our fab cheese!

Also our famous Cheese Wedding cakes! They are truly something to get excited about, and surprisingly affordable! so if your tying the knot or for more info on them click on left side bar. If it is not demolished at the do, send your guests home with a slice of cheese it will definitly be appreciated.

One of the main reasons we started working with cheesemakers and selling their cheese was because we could not easily get hold of this wonderful product, despite living in the heart of Devon.  We have worked for over 25 years at making cheese more accessible for anybody wanting more than just something to chew on, something in fact that will excite the palate and the mind, our sort of cheese is cheese with soul. Now we feel the time is right to spread our net even wider and send 'real' cheese to those of you who do not have much access to it.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.  Please be aware that there is always a team of happy, helpful and knowledgeable Country Cheeses people in the shops to answer questions. They can also take your order after you've had a look at our internet site,

So please take a leisurely trip browsing the site there are so many different possibilities to be explored, although at present we can't send the delicious aromas to you over the phone, you will have to wait until you get your exciting parcel!>  You can choose wonderful Westcountry Cheese online, find out all about truly stunning Wedding Cheese cakes that will make your day that much more special, and catch up on all the lastest Country Cheeses news.  


                     Country Cheeses

                 Tavistock 'Real' Cheese Fair


Our fantastic bunch of British cheese loving customers often ask when the Tavistock Real Cheese Fair is so they can organise their visit to these parts, or make sure no other arrangements clash with it. All that soft white bloomy rinded cheese running and lusious, wedges of wonderful cheddar and pickles and superb preserves with big hunks of crusty bread, time for lunch I think...So click here if those lovely thoughts of cheese have tickled your taste buds and you would like to know more about Tavistock's 'Real' Cheese Fair!


The next   TAVISTOCK  REAL  CHEESE  FAIR will be on the bank          holiday weekend of August 2017

So See you there, in the mean time do go into our shops and let the Slice Girls select some awesome cheese for you!

                               Put this in your diary!!



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